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Career development is about personal growth, fulfillment, and holistic well-being, and not only about climbing the corporate ladder.  It’s about aligning your aspirations with your authentic self. Our approach is tailored to your unique journey where we address your specific needs, challenges, and ambitions. We encourage deep self-reflection regarding what drives you and ignites your passion.  We guide you to identify your strengths and areas for growth with an action plan.  We partner with you to thrive in an ever-evolving professional ecosystem.

Career Development

Unlock Your Career Potential

Target Audience: Recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or a seasoned executive.

Success in today’s dynamic and competitive professional landscape requires continuous growth and refinement of skills. Every individual has the potential to excel in their chosen path, and we are here to help unlock this potential. Our coaching is tailored to meet everyone’s specific needs and goals. Through personalized guidance, actionable insights, and proven approaches, we’re committed to empowering our clients with the tools and confidence needed to navigate a career journey with clarity, purpose, and success.

Professional Growth

Nourish your Professional Development

Target Audience: Recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or a seasoned executive.

Today the quest for professional development is more crucial than ever. We offer coaching services designed to empower individuals at every stage of their career.  Beginning with self-reflection, leveraging the tools we offer, and engaging in continuous learning, we aim to help our clients refine leadership skills, enhance communication abilities, navigate complex workplace dynamics, and more.  We are here as a coach partner on a personalized approach tailored to everyone’s unique goals and aspirations.

LGBT+ at Work

Empower LGBT+ Professionals with Success and Authenticity

Target Audience: LGBT+ Community Professionals

In today’s diverse and inclusive workplaces, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities faced by individuals in the LGBT+ community. Our coaches provide a safe and affirming environment where our clients can explore the intersection of their professional aspirations with their identity. Whether navigating workplace dynamics, seeking career advancement, or striving to balance authenticity with professional success, we are here to provide guidance and empowerment every step of the way.


360-Degree Feedback Survey

A 360-Degree Feedback Survey is a comprehensive performance evaluation tool that solicits feedback from multiple sources, including supervisors, peers, direct reports, and sometimes external stakeholders. It provides a well-rounded perspective on an individual’s strengths, opportunities, and areas for improvement and offers a holistic view of an individual’s performance.

Myers-Briggs® Assessment Tool

The Myers-Briggs® assessment tool is a widely recognized personality assessment tool based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types. It categorizes individuals into one of sixteen personality types, each characterized by preferences in four dichotomies. Organizations use the Myers-Briggs® assessment tool to create greater self-awareness, improve communication, and enhance team dynamics.

Leadership Tools & Exercises

We employ an array of leadership tools and exercises aimed at deepening your understanding of yourself. The topics encompass a range of critical areas such as identifying priorities, leveraging strengths & opportunities, understanding your career and life ambitions, and much more.  These powerful tools empower you to assess your present and future.

Laz served on my Executive Leadership Team as our CPO/CHRO at the last two organizations where I served as CEO. He was a great partner and coach to me, always balancing business strategy and operations with a focus on organizational development and investment in our human capital. He operates with extremely high EQ, pushes executive teams towards clear, concise and open communication, and is a master at coaching leaders to truly lead and inspire large scale organizations with empathy and accountability. Laz is authentic, warm, trustworthy, pragmatic, and results focused. I highly recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Anna Fabrega

Laz and I began our life journey together many years ago as colleagues and immediately from that beginning became dear friends. He has been a part of my life from my career development to marriage to a growing family. I know Laz professionally and personally and certainly vouch for his exceptional experience, ethics, and values. He is an accomplished sr. executive who has led a wide range of different businesses, successfully having a seat at the leadership table, and is an expert in his areas of experience around people, leadership, etc. He has been an awesome executive coach and mentor to many people including myself throughout his career. On a personal level, Laz is authentic, caring, and pragmatic, with a sense of humor, that embodies his love for people. As Laz launches his own HR consultancy practice, I highly recommend him to you.

Ceri Williams

Laz is highly regarded for his exceptional ability to seamlessly align company strategy with talent strategy and operational objectives. His diverse skill set includes expertise in HR strategy, talent management, organizational design, M&As, and executive coaching, enabling him to excel in overcoming intricate challenges, especially within C-Suite environments. Through his guidance and mentorship, I gained invaluable knowledge and experience. I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to collaborate with Laz, whether for personal growth or to maximize your company's potential.

Theresa Vlk

Laz is smart, strategic, compassionate & results-oriented. He has the sight of the end goal in mind and has the patience and determination to bring it to fruition. Since he has served on many Executive Leadership Teams, he has the strategic business acumen which contributes to growing the companies he has worked for across all business areas, while being an expert in all human capital functions including strategy, talent, culture, organizations, and much more. He is a consummate sr. business leader first, then the human capital expert and executive coach. Knowing him personally & professionally, I can vouch for his integrity and authenticity, as well as his added value.

Jo-Ann White

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